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alright, let's go, you convinced me
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04 17 18 - First
Unregistered mutant - Rogue
Hello, friend!

This is a semi-private journal. Have fun snooping around. Unfortunately (or fortunately!), I'm not very interesting.

If we have anything in common, feel free to add me. I might add you back! That being said, if you've watched Daria, you get +5 points! I'd probably automatically add you back just for that.

- H
06 16 11 - Gif Collection
Julian - YOLO original
Blah blah. Original videos/games from which the gifs are from are not mine.

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06 14 11 - Icons?
Sky Ferreira - "Obsession"
Too cheap to pay for a paid account so I can have more userpics!
Therefore, all userpics are here. High five, guys.

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